Oil hits record

I know the mainstream media says its a “terror premium” or its about Iran. Quite frankly my view is more demand then supply. Yes there are disruptions in Nigeria and there are still facilities in the GOM offline. Couple this […]


Uranium Press

CBS Marketwatch: SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — As the world seeks alternatives to oil as a source of energy, uranium has been on a tear, scoring a gain of around 700% in six years as interest in nuclear power has revived. […]


Gold makes new high

Gold reached another new high today. Anaysts say it is asian buying. I have a theory on what is going on, I think asian central banks are moving out of the dollar. I am of the opinion they are buying […]

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Real Deal Portfolio change

We will dump the VPU the Vanguard Utilities ETF for a 4.2% loss. We bought it with the expectation that repealing PUHCA would unleash mergers in the utilities industry. Things have not worked out as we hoped and with interest […]

China to continue commodity bull

The reason for this revisit to the “BRIC” story is the enormous amount of press about the “burst bubble” in commodities this month.  It’s an important, some might say, critical, topic.  How we should act and react in the market […]