My name is John Polomny and I am the manager of an energy facility for a major midwestern utility company. I have been trading stocks, options and commodities for over twenty years. I am a contrarian investor by nature and that is how this website came into existence. I began investing in resource stocks around 1999-2000 as I realized there had been no investment in capacity (mines, oil wells, infastructure, etc..)in over 20 years. In addition most resource stocks were either on the brink of insolvency or were barely making money. Late last year I decided to go on line and get my ideas out into the internet. In that way I could have people check my thought process and make me work hard to ensure my premises were correct. So far it has been an excellent experience as I have learned more about the internet and the power it possess to transmit ideas around the world. We currently have readers from over 20 countries. We have been in a secular resource bull market for around five years and have completed stage one. We are in the first quarter of the game with three quarters to play. I hope we can use this site to achieve awesome percentage gains over the duration of this bull market.

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