CBS Marketwatch:

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — As the world seeks alternatives to oil as a source of energy, uranium has been on a tear, scoring a gain of around 700% in six years as interest in nuclear power has revived.
“Uranium’s performance has been in a league of its own,” said Scott Wright, an analyst at financial-services company, Zeal LLC.
Uranium has been one of the best-performing commodities in this bull market, he said. Spot prices are trading at around $56 a pound, an eight-fold increase from as low as $7 back in 2000. See the latest uranium prices.
“And the way fundamentals look today, there could be a lot more room to run,” said Wright.
Crude and gold prices have seen strong gains, but they pale in comparison to uranium. Over the last six years, crude futures are up around 90% and gold futures prices have more than doubled.
The biggest reason for uranium’s rise? Simply put: supply scarcity.

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